Impromptu: Triggering Tact-1s

Let’s say I have 6 different voices going on in a patch, and the volume of each is modulated by a separate Tact-1(or other volume control), is there a way of setting a specific time for each one to ramp up, hold for a set amount of time, then ramp down again? In this way, the bank of volume controls can work automatically for an entire composition, bringing different voices in an d out, to a set volume, and for a set timespan? It would be a bit more than a slow sine or triangle envelope as it would need to hold at a certain level for 10 - 30 secs, then ramp down again, it may need to be triggered 90 seconds into the song or after 3 minutes, or any time in between?

Perhaps by using Tact (not Tact1) and controlling the trigger up/down using a sequencer output.


yes, use nysthi::elsker
12 triggerable gates with delay of action and length of the gate
syncronizable to a clock too if needed


Perfect - thanks for the replies guys, I’ll give that a try