Impromptu Modular Announcement Thread

(Marc Boulé) #1

Impromptu 0.6.14

  • Clocked now keeps its outputs high when resetting a stopped clock, such that when starting again, it will not miss the first step in sequential switches or sequencers that don’t have run inputs (see picture below). It is my belief that a clock should correctly drive a sequential switch and not make it miss its first step when we turn the clock on, since a sequential switch is actually the simplest sequencer and should always be able to be used as such in a patch. In the picture below, if we press run, the first step will play.

  • Clocked and all sequencers are now running by default. This probably should have been done a long time ago, and if DeadMau5 ever touches one of my sequencers again, the outcome might be better! :wink:

  • GateSeq64: we can now right-click steps to turn them off (instead of two left-clicks needed when the cursor is not on the step we want to clear. This might change in Rack 1.0. I will also try to implement mouse painting of steps, as suggested by Skrylar (and cf a long time ago!)

  • PhraseSeqs and Foundry: rotate offsets are now persistent and stored in the sequencer. Also, ctrl-right-clicking of notes can now be used to automatically copy the note or gate-type over to the next step (not just moving to the next step as is done by normal right-clicking)

  • Foundry: added bipolar option for CV2 outputs, available in the right-click menu (outputs will be -5V to 5V when active, instead of 0V to 10V by default). Reworked how CV IN and CV2 IN input writing behaves (thanks to fbeecher for the discussion): writing is now only performed for the active track (unless ALL is selected, then all tracks are written). Unconnected tracks are never written into the sequencer. When the expansion panel is active, a new button now allows selecting only CV IN, or CV2 IN, or both, for writing. (The quad LEDs near the CV IN and CV2 IN are now red, instead of the green seen in Omri’s tutorial and live stream)

(Latif) #2

thanks Marc!

(Stephan) #3


(Skrylar) #4

So does this mean it sets it to high, or it will leave the gate at its current strength? Ambiguous :woozy_face:

Andrew’s argument to removing right click init is because resetting controls in the general sense are not done enough to warrant stealing the button (in his opinion.) The supposed replacement is that right clicking on the controls will allow you to do MIDI controller mappings out of band (are you going to have individual step buttons mapped out of band?) I would argue that un-setting a beat in a step sequencer though, probably is done very frequently (although I do right click init quite often :woman_shrugging:) . Oh the things one might wish they had telemetry data for :frowning:

(Marc Boulé) #5

Not sure I follow 100% your question. The clock outputs are either 0V or 10V; there is no notion of gate strength in Clocked. So in that sentence, “high” can be understood to mean 10V. It thus sets the outputs to 10V, and they will implicitly stay like this until we hit run and start Clocked, whereby they will oscillate between 0 and 10V according to the clock signal they are intended to produce.

Usage statistics would indeed be quite interesting to have! :slight_smile:

(Skrylar) #6

I understand the “high” part. But if the signal was low when the clock was stopped, shouldn’t it remain low?

(Marc Boulé) #7

If the clock is low when we turn off run, it will indeed stay low. But after a while if we hit reset, bringing the clock outputs high should not be a problem because the othe sequential elements in the patch typically get reset also, and so they will not be affected by the clock going high.

(Peter Vos) #8

Marc I would like to thank you for update 14B, the right click option for Clocked to disable the high gate was what I was hoping for.
After update 14 some of my patches did not sync any more but now with 14B we are cooking again.
Thanks again for all your great modules.
BTW it reports version 13 to the Manager not 14 ! so it still wants to update, thought you want to know.

(Marc Boulé) #9

Thanks Peter, I just updated the github build now, I had forgotten to do a clean build and the version number had not taken effect. Nice catch :slight_smile:
Glad you like the modules!
It looks like I will have to do an official update rather soon, since your side effect above will likely happen to others too!

(Browneditor) #10

I am having the same issue

(Marc Boulé) #11

Hi Omar, if you are on windows, you can grab the windows build in the github release link above (if not I’ll try and make a mac build later today) until the next update goes through. Thanks.

(Browneditor) #12

Cool Breeze. I just did last night.

(Marc Boulé) #13

Small update, now at 0.6.15. Main changes:

  • FOUNDRY: Fix phrase run head bug when song run modes are set to TKA; replace END selection mode with CUST selection mode (custom).
  • CLOCKED: Add option to reset stopped clock outputs to low (former behavior in 0.6.13 and previous); add P2 and P16 ppqn settings.
  • PS16, PS32, SMS16: Fix slide bug that was introduced in previous version.

(Marc Boulé) #14

Small bug which will be fixed in the next version (0.6.16):

  • the P2 setting is not saved properly (when reloading a patch it will revert to P4)

(Marc Boulé) #15

I completed the first draft in my user manual regarding timing issues and missing first steps, and how to setup clocks and sequencers for best results. For interested developers, I also show some code excerpts of how resets, run states, and clocks are handled in Impromptu sequencers. Any comments are as always greatly appreciated.