Impromptu Clocks stoped working

The two clocks from Impromptu stoped working. No more clock. Reset, run, etc. Nothing appends. And suddenly.

An idea? Thank you. Alain Herbuel. France

Hello, and welcome to the forum.
Make sure you have the audio module (audio engine) active.

Post a screenshot of your patch.

For me they work fine without the audio module:

@alainherbuel which OS is this? Rack version?

It worked for several weeks. And stopped suddenly. May be a wrong manipulation from me. We’re can I check that in VCV ?

For me (using Rack 2.1.0) if I don’t put in an audio module nothing runs. I figured it was a tolerated limitation. But if it’s a bug, that’s great, it can be fixed!


After using VCV Rack during a long time,I noticed that any clock stops when there is no audio module on output, and configured in a correct way. In addition, while one or more clocks are running, removing the headphones from my PC, for example, and thus making the setting of the output audio module inconsistent, leads to a crash to desktop. there is really something strange between clocks and audio outputs!