impromptu clocked - change between clocks


hello everyone. I’m kind of new to vcv and working on a patch, where I want to have 2 different clocks to the sequencer (I am using gate-seq 64), changing randomly. Is it feasible? I had some success with ichneumonid, but now I seek for a way to automate the changes. I am running the vcv rack free standalone version. Below is a screenshot. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You can use a sequential switch for this,

as example the MLSequential 8->1 is working great

and you can use the third clock from clocked to switch you can set the switch module to random or up or down and choose the number of steps. there are some other switches from Count modula or fundamental you could also use.


thanks a lot! it’s exactly what I was looking for! take care :slight_smile: