Impossile to update my modules.

Hi devs and rackers ,

I sent my plugins (hora and erica synths) to VCV 20 days ago for a very important update but no way to get those on the libvrary.

I 've sent the plugins 3 times, and never received an answer from VCV (and the plugins aren’t added on the library).

Does somebody has the same porblem? Is there a chance than my email adress is consider as a spam by the VCV email box and then they don’t see my messages. And if it is the case, how to contact them to signal the problem?



You can try here, if there is no reaction from mailing

I think GIthub is for the technical issues not about the support. Am I wrong?

No, but you’re describing an “emergency” - if their email is down, the library issues tracker would be the place to write, I think - it’s checked regularly by the same people. ( In relation to the release delay of rack 2 - 20 days isn’t much)

ho OK, thank you very much

Don’t post your commercial secrets offcause - just ask them to get in touch with you.

I remember some time ago that one of the emails you sent me was considered spam. So there’s that chance.

I saw in the page that now you need to send comercial modules to it probably goes to the same inbox, but you can try sending to that one from an alternative email.

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If your mail sender sends without SPF,DKIM and DMARC ?


Ok, I tried each time with the same email adress… I will send with another one… sometimes simple solution are the best :slight_smile: thanks for the suggestions.

in case you “only” used VCV2 as a VST:

i had the same problem, VCV2 not updating my newly purchased ones. In my case, i only used to load VCV2 as a VST !..thats here the point ! When i opened VCV standalone, has the update on the modules been taken. …“then” was all good in my VST version too.

You misunderstood the purpose of this thread. Raph is a commercial developer that tries to submit his updates to the library, not a user that tries to pull updates into Rack.