im looking for away to record loops live

looking for a solution for a live patch I’m trying to make i am looking for a way to record loops into a module such as playing live on keyboard then being able to play it back and use effects and filters on it i am a newbie so if there is an easy solution i could not find it

Somthin’ like this one? VCV Library - Lomas Advanced Sampler (

or are you looking for more of a complete sampler

The Nysthi Confusing Simpler is made for this. Toggle recording on beat and record loops. For added fun, put the output of the Simpler through a delay and feed it back into its input, mixed with live sound.

Hook up a Bernoulli Gate up to a quarter note clock and send random beat synced triggers to toggle recording and playing back. It’s randomly playing back fragments of live sound and it loops it, and the loop time constantly changes.


yes this should work quite well

this looks really cool will check it out

I use the Luppolo one, that’s probably easiest to use. Strangely, it’s in my V2 but I can’t actually see it in the library. There’s also Lilac looper which I haven’t tried yet. I use some custom patching with Nysthi AUTO-X-FADER to prevent clicking, will upload the patch soon.

please feel free to add it here would love to look at that in depth

see also:

Fantastic video ty

Here you go, I wanted to do a quick video demo too. Link to patch in the vid.


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