I'm giving away 4000 free records

I subscribe to Colin Benders and came across this. I’m giving away 4000 free records

Colin Benders 26.8K subscribers This is happening!!! This year has been a wild ride from the very start. thanks to you all I will forever be able to look back on a very positive bubble in an otherwise deeply unsettling year. I can’t thank you all enough for that! This giveaway may very well end up ruining me but I don’t care. I want you all to have this record. And if you haven’t been a part of the Modular Mayhem community and you’re hearing about it for the first time, you deserve something nice too :slight_smile:

Oh but do head on over to https://discord.com/invite/modularmayhem to stay up to date on the next steps!

More information will follow soon.


yeah, what a news I’ve seen today too

I’m following Colin since its lockdown’s live session and what is doing with modular is amazing when I see how much I’m struggling with software based module.

I fell in love of this jam session (2017). I still have, in the background of my head the idea to reproduce the way he did the lead …(starting 1:45) in vcv



I fell in love with this one…


Call me a cynical bastard, but I somehow doubt this statement.

Oh man! I hadn’t heard that one. I love it!. That man must sweat talent from his pores. Ya have to hear all that in your head b4 it can be replicated RL. I wonder where he finds time to sleep! I really liked the 10 minute “patch from scratch” challenges. Remember when he tried using a keyboard in his builds? I believe he had the skills to do so, but it wasn’t his thing. I will use a keyboard, givin I have time in the future to dive into Euro Rack. Personally, I think it is more a challenge to patch without one. And I like it that Colin doesn’t.