If you miss modules in V2, read this

It is annoying, that so many people don’t have patience! V2 was just released a few days ago and you really expect that all modules are immediately available? Most of the developers do that in their sparetime, so be gracious they do it at all! And seriously stop asking when certain modules are available. Everyday “new” modules appear. Not all in the library, some developers send their customers just the files.

So don’t ask questions and have a little patience. :metal: :sunglasses:


Lots of people were waiting to use VCVRack until there was a VST available. They’re all jumping on now. They haven’t necessarily been involved up until now and maybe don’t understand that it’s all 3rd party software. So they buy the VST they’ve been eagerly awaiting for years, plug it in and… and… most of the stuff they’ve seen in videos over the years is missing. This is why I thought VCV were going to delay the VST by 6 weeks after the standalone was released, but I guess they didn’t do that.

If that was me, the first thing I’d do is ask WTF on a forum. It’s not me, but I totally see where all these new folks are coming from. Just be patient with the newbs man. Begginners should be encouraged to ask questions. That’s what community is for.


It’s understandable, everyone wants to try the new fancy Rack and we all become attached to certain modules and if they’re are not there it can be worrying/frustrating.

I agree though, wait and be patient.

I disagree. Most of the complaints I have heard are more “all my patches use xyz. Until it’s available I’ll use 1.x. And I’m angry”.

New users just see thousands of free modules.

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Hmm… yeah… lotsa those folks should know better and wait a few weeks before panicking.

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I’m definitely not angry. There is a workflow I’ve developed that’s dependent on modules not yet available, but I’m willing to wait, or do as I did while waiting for Rack2: Figure out different creative workflows that leverage what’s already available.

I’ll also keep doing certain things in Rack1.

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You quote me out of context. That started with “many complaints”. So of course it doesn’t apply to people who don’t complain.

Sorry for that. I was reacting to your post in a way that may seem confrontational. That’s a failure of my ability to express myself clearly.

I would say that I have complained, but tried to do it in a tactful and supportive way.

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Can we keep this thread civil please. Some users are happy to play with V2 and be patient till certain modules come out. Some people paid for Rack 2 Pro out of excitement that it had come out and then were a bit sad when they realised some of their favourite modules weren’t out. Some are happy to stay on V1 till they can migrate all the modules across to V2. This community is large now and if we can’t be generous and try to understand that everyone’s in a different boat it won’t run as smoothly. As an experienced user, it can be frustrating to see a lot of “why isn’t xyz module in V2” kinds of posts but by the same token it can be frustrating as a new user to see a lot of “just be patient” comments. Some experienced users were excited about V2 coming out and then were frustrated that it was out but with a reduction in the number of modules. Let’s try and understand where others are coming from without talking down to them.


I would also say, questions are totally fine, but also have patience. It’s reasonable to ask questions but in a way that is reasonable.

@the1andonlydrno Norbert: I was just thinking that we need an update to your plugin scoreboard from News of the Rack. :grinning:

I just got into VCV a couple weeks ago. I don’t know what seemingly changes that made plugins outdated. From a non-coding end-user perspective the update was kind of primarily UI and UX changes. What happened that old plugins no longer work?

As someone just getting into it, all of a sudden following some basic tutorials is a lot harder trying to find workarounds for missing modules. But me personally, I just miss the big dumb red MUTE! button

It will come, when the dust settles. Now there is too much going on. I think about next week.

The api was updated. Plugins for 1 don’t work in 2, and vice versa. The update was much more than UI.

To make it clear, it is totally ok to ask questions, but please not the same over and over again. The answers are already here, you just have to read the threads and sometimes search for it. In my opinion this amazing community depends a lot on the quality of the posts. Let‘s take the new ones by the hand and teach them how VCV Rack works as an ongoing developing project with hundreds of mostly non commercial contributors. We already have the luxury of over 1500 modules in V2, so I don‘t think that newcomers will complain about not having enough modules and because their new, the won‘t miss any. So who misses modules? Those who are already working with VCV and those should know about its structure and that it is not helpful to ask the same thing again and again. With this thread I hoped to reduce those questions, because here is the answer.

And I repeat it again: „Be patient, all will be well at the end. If it isn‘t well yet, it isn‘t t


Is there any way to view the ‘old’ v1 modules list on the library web page? It’s harder to find info on brands/modules to reference them in here if you can’t find them. I can get that info from Vcv Rack 1, obviously, but I’m not always in front of my pc.

I don’t think so - what you see on the library is a mix of all modules. The ones that have a version number starting with 2 are available for both rack 2 and Rack 1 and the ones with a version number stating with 1 aren’t available for V2 yet.

Agree a filter that just filtered out plugins with a v1 version number would be useful so people could easily see what’s availble for v2 right now.

Edit - actually what you see on the library page IS the old v1 list - as in ALL those plugins are available for v1 and SOME of them are available for V2

Wait till people start releasing new plugins that only work with v2 and not v1 haha - even more reason for a filter.

No, the old list had about 1000 more plugins in it

Edit: For clarity I’m talking about this page… https://library.vcvrack.com/

Ohhh - they must have updated it since yesterday to show just v2 ready modules I guess.

been like that since v2 came out for me, maybe it’s a cache thing?