Idea for VCV Rack plugin coming out

In modular grid, when you build a rack, you can choose the size of your rack, and the style of case. I would love to see this in the plugin version. Its really for the aesthetics. I think choices are good, and when you want to save specific presets for specific things you are producing, it would be nice to have customized racks in your arsenal.


Luckily the virtual word is not limited to stylised approaches to budget and space. Plugins are there to be used but it doesn’t mean you need to use all of them in a patch, you’d be surprised with the amount of different ways plugins can be combined to customise a patch with just a select few modules.

Limiting the amount of plugins added to a patch would be a good and challenging approach but here is not where it should be requested try GitHub for feature requests and bug reports:

There is a way to save specific presets try PackOne Strip

I like the case idea


My way of doing is by putting blanks on the sides, i calculate HP with the help of blanks modules, and then i try to do my patch 3 Row of 90 HP if i remember

In v0.6 there was a “HP ruler” plugin made by ap modules that let you stretch it out so that you could tell how long this were. it was pretty good for presentation. It would be easy to write as well.

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Again, this would be an optional feature. Those who prefer not to use it, dont. Those that would like their modules sitting in a nice case, so be it. Always good to have aesthetic options I think.

feature requests and bug reports: