Idea for a poly-controller to control cv with 2 keys of the keyboard

Hello, I would like to have a polyphonic-controller working a bit like the tact from impromptu in sensitive mode (but without the touchpad), to control cv with the keyboard of my laptop. Basically it is a knob with two entries: 1 key to turn it up and 1 key to turn it down and one control for the rate (the velocity for the change). I hope I am clear and I hope someone would be interested to make it.

          Thanks for all this fantastic work you are doing.

This won’t be possible this way because modules get no key events when they loose focus. But you can try using the MIDI-CC module with the „Keyboard“-driver.

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but Tact is working like I want… I just want it polyphonic. The problem it’s to make it polyphonic?

Sorry, my reply was just meant on the keyboard-thing. It should be no problem for @marc_boule to add polyphony to Tact I think.

Just to make sure I understand, a poly Tact-1 for example would need to have a knob to select which channel we want to modify, correct? If so, I might need to make it as another module, since there is not much room on the panel. If it’s just to have the same tact value spread across all channels, that would be an easy option to add in the right-click menu and would not require another module.

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For me it is not really the “touchpad” of tact I would like to have but the 2 plugs below with the arrows you have in tact (but you don’t have them in tact1). so, to answer you, for me the right click option is perfect but in tact (not in tact1). Thanks a lot.