Idea: Euclidean Sequencer inside Euclidean Sequencer

I have to admit I just checked out the expanders for the first time. Really cool stuff! So far I only thought about the distribution of the hits, but the ability to make it wonky and swingy like that adds a whole 'nother level to it.

There’s also the buss idea, like with Skylights Turing machine. He multiplexes several things on one float output somehow. It’s an open source library if you wonder how he does it.

Also it compiles for Rack2 with just the plugin.json change.

Hey @almostEric and @rare.breeds do you still think it’s a good idea and want to implement it?

I just thought about it again and still think it’s a good idea :slight_smile: Just wanted to bump it again.

I can’t contribute much more than the idea though… maybe a bit of testing here and there but even that I can’t really promise - so it’s entirely up to you if you still think this would be worth to implement.