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Track one from a new project. Produced, mixed and performed entirely in Rack.

Shout out to @Stoermelder for his support and amazing modules.


love to give this a listen but it’s still private–think you may want unlisted instead?

I think you can just change the setting:


Try now?

Works! And sounds awesome!

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Hello there Love it! Beautiful and ethereal at the same time, love the weird drone, how was that produced! I would definitely buy more of the same style of music, EP or LP?

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FMing Rack VCOs

Any particular VCOs that were FM 'ed? Would love to try that out on my poor patches. Thanks much appreciated.


Thanks, Bogaudio VCO works well going through a Tuned Plateau as well.

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This is really good! Great job mate :smile:

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sounds great! gg

Thanks :slight_smile: and too @Pineapple_Dave for the follow.

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