I wanna adjust the curve of an incoming CC

I’m on a complex project (THX deep tone) and I’m using my breath controller for filter modulation and note deviation at the same time.

I wanna use linear response (which is what the MIDI control sends) applied to deviation.

I also want that same MIDIcc signal to control the filters, but this time it should have a log curve to it so I can hear the notes early on.

So I need a way to manipulate the incoming lin signal and shape its curve to log.

Do you have any idea of a module I can use for that?

Thank you.


First you need to convert the CC to CV using the Midi-CC module. MindMeld ShapeMaster can then be used to convert the linear curve to log. ShapeMaster needs to be in CV trigger mode so the playhead position is controlled by unipolar or bipolar CV rather than playing left to right over time.

Check out this video about it from Jakub. Watch the first couple of minutes for some context then you can skip to minute 6 where he shows how to do this specific kind of voltage remapping - he has actually made presets for Lin to Exp conversion (you can invert and reverse the Lin to Exp preset using the buttons above the curve to get a Lin to Log curve if that’s what you want).


My DHE-Modules Swave can shape can apply a log-ish taper to an incoming signal. It’s not strictly log, but it’s similar.

Thank you Steve, that look spot on what I need.

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Woooow! that module is quite awesome.

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This post/response actually ended up solving some similarly unique Hardware CC —> CV manipulation needs of mine as well. ShapeMaster is an amazing module and the simple CV tracking mode solves so much for me. Thanks to all!

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nysthi::BZ-MAPPER is exactly for this


Brilliant, cant wait to do some tweakin and remapping my hardware cc’s…thanks for the awesome modules, i use so much nysthi stuff everywhere in my work!