I miss Glue

Is glue going to be ported? I really miss it.

They are working on it. It will return!

Stoermelder PackOne ( which GLUE is part of) is not released officially yet. If you like to try it before that - download the [ .vcvplugin ] file corresponding to your OS, put it in your Rack2/plugins folder and Voila! I have it running on Win10 with no issues so far.


hey there can you be so kind and help me with an OSX installation of Stoermelder PackOne for Vcv Rack 2 pro, I moved the folder there and restart, also with the plain zip file and nothing, maybe I am missing something


For macOS you need the Stoermelder-P1-2.0.bcb6644-mac-20220126.vcvplugin file.

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Oh yesss!!! Thanks Lars.

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oh can you be so kind and explain what i need to do, i am rookie in vcv rack :grinning:

You download the Stoermelder-P1-2.0.bcb6644-mac-20220126.vcvplugin file to your $HOME/Documents/Rack2/plugins/ directory and restart Rack. Presto!

By the way, no guarantees that all the modules work as they should. There’s a reason why Stoermelder has not submitted it to the library yet, issues to be resolved.

But great to see the development is in progress.

thank you guys! :raised_hands: