Hybrid Patch - A Walk On Mars

Somebody around here mentioned the NASA sound library. So I took a look and found that slowly moving very low sound from the Mars probe. My idea was to use it as kind of LFO to modulate the Doepfer WASP Filter.

Mars sounds come from VCV Rack, played by NYSTHI Quadsimpler. Four samples and a clock are sent via the Expert Sleepers ES-8 to my Eurorack.

The second sample modulates via CV the Sawtooth. I’m not sure, if that is really necessary. But why not trying.

Third sample is a morse code, saying “HI” sent to one space probe and the fourth one is a storm on Jupiter. Quite spacey :wink:

Also there is a little of melody coming in from Marbles and a Kickdrum from my Moog Mother-32.

For this patch I used my old Macbook Air which seems to be quite underpowered. But it handled everything very well :slight_smile:

Quite raw and hostile - like a walk on Mars :wink:

Maybe also too much? I will try another, simpler approach with the Soundfile later…