Husken Driller - Tutorials and Jams

I have taken my tap on the wrist, this thread will be filled with my tutorials and jams:

VCV Rack - Nintendo Apocalypse Crusher

Three Nintendo emulators racked and pushed to the limits. Nes ROMS loaded: Tetris Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Zelda

VCV Rack - The 31 Oscillator Synthetic Orchestra - AKA “Laptop Agony”

31 Tiny Trick oscillators racked and controlled by umpteen LFO’s controlled by umpteen LFO’s, a little reverb and some laptop agony (Left the quantum computer in the car).

VCV Rack - Sad Aciiiiiidddd Temple

Moving closer to full automation, this track highlights VCV ability to just press play and let the song write itself with some few minor tweaks and patching.

VCV Rack - 2020 DLL Dept. Presidential Programming Video Leak [MKULTRA][NEUROSCIENCE]

Leaked Presidential Programming Video

Hollusk by Husken Driller

1.Alick oestrin 06:36 2.Descargik Mull 04:05 3.Sowellen 09:17 4.2020 Presidential Programming Video Leak 06:31 5.Penick Rholl 09:50 6.Bartok Sainge 05:39 7.Ricin Skatole 04:02 8.2020 Presidential Deprogramming Video Leak 05:02 9.Coralie skint 09:16 10. Celinka Roist 11:23

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VCV - The Requested Riddim Growl Tutorial (It gets extreme fast…)

VCV Rack - How Painful is FormantStep Really? TOP QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY DOORSTEP SURVEY 2020


  1. 03:25 - Talk to me
  2. 04:37 - Sheep Speech
  3. 06:16 - Baby Talk
  4. 08:46 - To Enter the peace process
  5. 10:29 - Enter the dancefloor
  6. 13:59 - Ecce! Ecce!
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