How to transpose by extern control midi notes of piano roll?


This function is not present in all DAWs except in Reaper.

See video transpose piano roll:

How,in VCV Rack (which modules and connections),can we transpose the notes of the piano roll as in this video and in addition by midi control?

for example:

if I press C1 on my extern midi keyboard, it transposes by 1 tone

if I press C2 on my extern midi keyboard, it transposes by 2 tones

etc …

Can you send me a picture of the good configuration of this patch required?


Not in the same way, but I have done this by adding a VCV OCT module to the V/Oct output of the sequencer, which then goes to the voice. Changing the octave on the OCT module changes the pitch of the notes being played. This could be done via MIDI by hooking into the IN on the OCT module.
I don’t know enough to say if this is the same as proper transposition.

That seems like a good way to do it to me!

And remember: there are several piano rolls in VCV, many of them free (and with their own unique features)



Yes I’m pretty sure this would work with any piano roll sequencer. The Seq++ has transpose commands available with a right click on the scroll window but I couldn’t work out how to link that to outside.

Yeah, all those Seq++ commands like transpose, chop notes, arpeggiate etc… are “non real time”, and can’t be VC controlled. So your technique would have to be used with Seq++, too.

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Can ScreenSlave send me a similar image using Twelve Key instead of Oct ?


use any adder to add the output of Twelve Key and the output of the sequencer you are using.

sorry but i use Twelve Key and Piano Roll

Which /input/output of Twelve Key must be entered to input/output of Piano Roll?


Which output/input of Piano Roll must be entered to input/output of Twelve Key?

neither. output both of them to an adder. adding the output of a sequencer with the output of Twelve Key is what you want.

final CV = Seq-CV-out + Twelve-Key-CV-Out

which module to be an additionner? i know only multiply module

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In CV final = Seq-CV-out + Twelve-Key-CV-Out,no appears Piano Roll which is not a sequencer

So,it’ s not what i want

I think you need to read about quantizers in vcv, and how they work. Selecting scales and transposing etc. Maybe look here :

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Ok.I found and solved my question. see this picture:

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Just like Squinky said :+1:t2:

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