How to Stabilize Count Modula's Oscilloscope?

I have the same signal plugged into Channel 1 and External Trigger, but still no stable image. Thanks for any tips. The scope is not in the Count manual for some reason.

Have you tried turning up the HOLDOFF knob? I don’t know for sure but I’m guessing that sets the maximum amount of time it will wait before for a trigger before automatically starting without a trigger.

In general I find the fact it can retrigger without a trigger annoying but the scope is so nice otherwise.

Also you can play with the level. I assume that works the same as the level on the fundamental scope.

The oscilloscope is on Page 58 of the V2.0.2 manual.

Holdoff sets the maximum time the scope will wait for a signal to pass the trigger threshold. If the incoming signal takes too long to do this it will automatically trigger. The slower the incoming signal, the longer this needs to be.

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