How to set up Microfreak to control VCV?

Hi all, sorry if this is an obviously question. I’ve just got a Microfreak and it’s my first hardware experience.

I’m going to watch Omri’s video later to get the full story but just for now i’m wanting to use the Freaks knobs to control parameters in VCV. Having no luck with mapping via Midi Map and i’m guessing there might be a setting up in the Freaks utility menu for this to work… anyone know how?


-deleted because of wrong information-

Enable “Knobs send CCs” in the Midi Control Centre or “Utility>Midi>knob send CCs” on the Microfreak, then it should work (manual page 83) with the Fundamental MIDI-CC module or -even better - use Stoermelder’s great MIDI-CAT ( :cat: :cat: :cat:). You can also use the pitch/gate/pressure outputs on the back or the MIDI adapters.


Had to set Midi Destination to both too.

All working, thanks @Nils.

I can’t believe how much you do with the MF & VCV. Fun times incoming!