How to send CV to VST Bridge?

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How to send CV from Rack to VST Bridge? Is this possible?


I never used bridge, but I think is it that simply as connect a CV to the core audio

Does anyone have any real experience?

Yes… In fact … this brings up a question… A profoundly STUPID sounding question… but … damn I can’t help but ask… I downloaded VCV 1.0 last night…
…And the stupid question is: IF we use rack in a DAW (I use Live 10)… Do we still use bridge? I thought maybe there was going to be a more direct way of incorporating it into a DAW… ?

If using Live you can register for Ableton Beta where you can get the soon to be released CV Tools. You can send CV as Audio between Rack and Live.

If using BitWig CV in and out is built in.

But … now you can used MIDI instead.

Oh! “Ableton Beta” is that like plugin you would d/l from Ableton’s website?

hmmm… OH! you are saying we will need beta version of Ableton itself! Whoa! ok… thats interesting! This is Good to know! Couldn’t find anything about this when reading the release notes on it last night!

Ok, I have Ableton CV tools, can you explain to me how to set it up?

Not at a computer with Live on it at the moment and it is a month or so since I tried it. Going from memory …

CV is audio internally on your computer, so you need to route audio between Live and Rack using whatever you use to do that - software or external sound card. I use Soundflower & Loopback on my Mac, only just got Windows and thus far I have only used a trial of Dante Via for routing audio. I think there are some free solutions too that may work for this.

So, both Live & Rack will need to use the same routing device and then, AFAIR, each CV Tool has a ‘CV from’ or ‘CV to’ control which you can route to and from audio tracks which are sending or receiving Audio from Rack.

The crucial thing is that you need to match the levels and polarity at both ends.

And don’t send unipolar to your monitors/headphones !

If you are on a Mac though you don’t need to do any of this, you can just use CoreMidi and the new MIDI tools in Rack. Not sure about Windows but I think there are MIDI loopback tools available.

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Thank you! Midi loop works well.
The question remains clock synchronization between the Rack and Ableton.
Is this possible for Rack v1?

Not tried but can you use Stellare Link to sync.

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Yeah! Now everything is great :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your time and for the help!

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Can you explain this a little more? You can send CV from VCV straight into Bitwig?! that is the dream…

Not tried in BitWig but I am told it has built in CV tools.

CV on your computer is Audio.

Damn, CVTools is only available for Max for Live users. I’ve only got Ableton Standard.
S0, for me the original question remains:

Is it now possible to send Midi from VCV rack to Ableton (using either Bridge or VeeCeeVST)?
I think I set it up correctly in VCV, but could not manage to let Ableton receive MIDI (also I couldn’t find a setting that would allow me to let Bridge listen to the right MIDI channel). Will try again shortly and keep posted…

The solution to this issue is here in this thread.
LoopMidi + Stellare Link

I read that part but did not understand that t hat was the actual solution (i was under the impression that the new CV to MIDI module was made for this…)

However, I just found out that bridge doesn’t work in v1.0 on my setup (same patch in 0.62 works, in 1.0 it doesn’t)

Would loopmidi allow me to bypass the bridge entirely?

In case people read this later on; @Denis was right.

LoopMidi works as advertised, and with that my Bridge problems were also resolved. Sending Midi and Audio between Ableton works both ways now. Perfect.

It’s pretty awesome what you can do with all this flexibility.