HOW TO: Selectively CV Model on Macro Oscillator 2/Plaits?

One of my favorite Cheap Tricks With Rack is to modulate the Model for Macro Oscillator 2/Plaits with random CV. BUT

Is there an easy way to modulate the Model and skip the ones (like the Vowel & Speech Synthesis) that end up sounding way louder (and more obnoxious) than the other models.

When I think about it, all I can come up is to use a module to generate exact voltages for the models I like and put them into an 8:1 router, and clock it randomly.

Which I can do but is there a simpler way to do this? And what scale are the voltages to select different models?

you can use these modules to find the exact voltages that you need:

I can imagine to use the Bogaudio ADDR-SEQ (or any other sequencer) and set some steps to the desired voltages and randomize the steps, which is easy with the ADDR-SEQ via the CV in, and it is expandable for more steps with the ASX.


you can try this little example patch:

2021_06_28_Plaits_Models_01.vcv (83.2 KB)

That makes sense but there’s no documentation on what the voltage stepping per model advance.

Which raises another question: What module can you use to quantize voltage to a linear increment? Like given an increment of .5 map a voltage in the 0-10v range to 0.0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 etc.

maybe this one can do it:

or maybe some of the submarine modules

that’s what the multivoltimetro is for, you can see the stepping there, and read it and adjust the ADDR-SEQ steps accordingly

Just a reminder of what voltages this module wants to see at it’s cv inputs:

  • FM, MORPH, TIMBRE input range: +/- 8V.
  • HARMO and MODEL input range: +/- 5V.
  • LEVEL and TRIG input range: 0 to +8V.
  • V/OCT input range: -3 to +7V.

I would use an 8Face connected to a voltage source like bogaudio offset for example. Then you can just dial in the different models and save the voltage as a preset in 8Face. The trigger input of 8Face has all possible options for randomness or you can sequence it.

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Is there an lfo that lets you exclude some ranges of frequency?

Shapemaster? But I think that would be overkill for that task :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. Buuuuut mscHack envy 9 might work

Seems a little bit too much imho as well. If you want to redraw some wave or curve and if you are happy with 6 points i would recommend nysthi bz-mapper.

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Try this little setup, obviously you can change the fixed voltages to whatever values you want to select the models :wink:

You could also chain 2 or more 5Splices through another 5Splice if you wanted more than 5 models to select from


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