How to scroll the list of brands in module browser?

I went thru and selected almost every free module available. Consequently my list of brands in the add module browser is really long. In fact, I cant see the things at the end of the list, it extends off the bottom of my screen?

Is there a way to scroll the list?

P.S. Really happy that VCV Rack 2 is running without issues full screen on my 2018 MacBook Pro. Good job!

when I hover with my mouse over the list,

I can use my mousewheel to scroll down and up the list

but I’m on Win, I don’t know if it works on macs.

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OK Yes!

For Mac, put the mouse over the pulldown menu, then put two fingers side-by-side dragging up or down to scroll the list.

This fellow goes into all the variations on a Mac: How To Scroll On a Mac - YouTube