How to make these particular electric sound?

Guys, i want to recreate one sound and it seems simple to do that but i just CAN’T. Please, maybe u can help. I am opened to different ways (vcv, daw) This sound on 13 second, where GRV GRV letters are flashing.

I tried to use different kinds of noise and not only, but there is something i miss. Something very simple and that is easy to see, but i just can’t Thank U!

There used to be a module in VCV Rack called “Parable Instruments Neil” that made those types of sounds, but I don’t think it was updated to VCV Rack 2.0?

You might try playing with Audible Instruments Modal Synthesizer in Chord mode. :slight_smile:


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I’m not sure which particular sound you’re asking for. So I sampled the region from 0:13 on and made 2 wav files:

@rebbel1997 please tell us which is the one you’re asking for

I think it s _13 file. I mean this glitchy high sound which starts exactly with letters and then continues for few seconds

I applied a high-pass-filter at 4 kHz and saved the file as _13_highpass.wav under:

If that is what you’re looking for, just use sampled bird tweets.

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Thank u, it s good idea, i ll use it and see if i can get something near

My goal is to synthesize it, cause i always somewhere close but just cannot reach this particular timbre and i want to become like a pro and to be able to make every sound i want, so it will be useful in the future, but thank u for this idea!


There are lots of tutorial videos for several synthesizers that can be recreated in VCV Rack as well.

For efficient sound design I recommend making a loop of the original sound and listen to it over and over. If there are other sounds in different frequency ranges that distract from listening to the sound that should be recreated, use a filter to cut them away. If a sound has very fast changes in pitch or timbre, I recommend timestretching the original sound to get a more detailed picture of the movements within the sound.


I hear noise and birds. If it is the noise element, I would look at Noise Plethora, it has many textures and you can probably nail it with some poking around. It is rhythmic and I hear delay of one repeat( no feedback) on the noise blast too. Its not far off from a tambourine jangle sound either, could be a sample that is mangled. For noisy noises, I often put Noise Plethora thru Percall and feed it triggers to make blasts of noise, select a fairly close texture of noise in the right click menu, modulate the X , Y, and filter type and filter position and resonance to taste. best of luck!!!