how to link a connection?


I’m workink on VCV Rack installed on Windows. How to link a connection from one plugin to another plugin? (I click on an input / output of a plugin, a colored thread comes out but I cannot hook the thread on the input / output of another plugin) Can you help me?


Hello there, welcome to the VCV Rack community forum, It is very easy really, just got to drag the cable from one connection point to the other, either it will let you connect the two modules or it won’t depending on where you are connecting it to. Hope the picture helps you out.

Cable connecting

1)What’s mean the 4 colors of connection?

2)Can you choose a direction for one connection?if yes,how?

The colors mean nothing. All cables do the same job.

A port can be an input or an output. You can only connect an input to an output (or an output to an input). If you try to connect an input to an input (or an output to an output), it doesn’t let you do that. Signal always flows from input to output.