How to launch everything on step 1 after a reset ?

Hi !

I felt into VCV’s abyss a few days ago, and I don’t find a solution for this little issue.

When I stop & reset the clock (stop & reset are mapped on every sequencer - I use Clocked), everything will reset on step 1, but it will launch on step 2 (eventually another step if I have some weird things happening in-between sequencers).

I did a lot of racks where I don’t care because everything is messy, but today I made a rack I like a lot (kudos to Mindmeld, awesome stuff) and it slowly evolves in something I woud like to share.

So how to do a clean start when I press Run ?

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Hi, Clocked has an option in the right-click-menu to send a reset pulse on start. That will fix that issue.

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Awesome, thanks

RCM has a module called Sync that will fix this problem.

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Depending on the modules I use, some like a reset on start, others like a reset on stop. I will try Sync, the name suggests it has this covered, thank you

With Impromptu Sequencers like Foundry, Gate Seq and Phrase Seq, they will work as you want as long as Clock, Reset and Run are all connected to Clocked (without the need for any right click menu send reset stuff).


I will try that too, thanks, I should have enough solutions, I will close the post when I test things and it works.

There’s a module from rcm, the SeqAdapter that should fix this with all sequencers so maybe that’s an easy fix as well.

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I’ve had OK success with Count Modula’s Master Reset module.

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Sometimes you need to delay the reset just a little, I use this for that.


Besides the RC-Menu of Clocked, which solves the problem for this particular module: Count Modula Master Reset is a global solution for syncing resets and different clock/trigger pulses along with it. Upon pressing Reset, it hold incoming clock signals for a bit until all of them have arrived. Releasing all start pulses in alignment. Any additional clocks/dividers can be hooked to any of its outgoing signals to guarantee global sync.

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