How to include osdialog?

Looks like osdialog is not part of the public Rack v2 API, i.e. if I only include rack.hpp, the osdialog functions are not available. However, I have seen a couple of modules (including Fundamental) that do just #include <osdialog.h>, and this seems to compile fine also on my setup. I guess it’s picked up from dep/include in the SDK by the SDK makefile configuration. Is this a stable way to include it, or should I vendor it or something?

I always do #include <osdialog.h>. Have no problems. I use that in Seq++ and in SFZ Player, I think.

Okay, yeah. Maybe I’ll go with that for now.

btw, if you go to the github for osdialog it has some scary wording about how you shouldn’t use it. But I just ignore that - after all, VCV itself requires it.

Where do you see such scary wording? The only thing I see is that the makefile that is in the repo is not necessary for inclduding osdialog in a program.

yeah, you are right. I think I must have imagined it. This is odd, but not scary:

osdialog is released into the public domain (CC0). If you decide to use osdialog in your project, please let me know.```