How to enable MIDI in VCV Rack 2 ?

I use VCV Rack 2.0.4 and also tried Rack 1.6 on Mac OS. But it seems MIDI is not working at all. I tried also stoermelder's MIDI-MON which doesn’t show MIDI activity. Interestingly I can see all the MIDI Devices / Drivers but they seem not to react / work in Rack. I also can not find any internal MIDI settings in Rack. Also within Rack 1.6 I can not get MIDI to work. Someone had those Issues as well and possibly know how to fix that ?

Thank’s a lot!

Found the issue: My Macbook USB C HUB got disconnected slightly sometimes and that causes the MIDI devices being disconnected. Fixing that is press the USB C connector into the Macbook to make sure it’s 100% connected and restart the Macbook otherwise it will not communicate with the MIDI gear.