How to edit tooltip labels (custom parameters)?

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering something here and maybe someone can help me out on this one:

I have a selector knob that selects 0, 1 and 2, for example. So I want to have the selector’s tool tip text be like: “0-Saw”, “1-Triangle”, “2-Square”, depending on the currently selected option. Instead of just showing 0, 1 and 2. Can it be done? Could someone maybe point me to that direction or maybe some example?

Thanks you all very much, Marcelo.

Hello Marcello,

Have a look at ParamQuantity::setDisplayValueString(), didn’t try it yet but I think it should allow you to set the tooltip label in any way you want. From the module struct, something like paramQuantities[PARAM_ID].setDisplayValueString("Square")maybe

There is a detailed thread here where @Vortico explains the correct way to do this. Configuring custom parameter display in v1

Done this on my LFO module like so:

You can of course set any range you wish. You’ll still be able to input numbers also just returns a string when the param value hits a certain range.

Original discussion:

Thanks a lot guys, with the tips from here I was able to implement.

Thank you very much, Marcelo.