How to change songs ,phases in module Entrian?


1)Which parameter of which module can trigger a change of songs in input Songs of Entrian Player Timeline?

2)Which parameter of which module can trigger a change of phases in input Songs of Entrian Player Melody?

3)How to obtain version no demo of Entrian Player Timeline for accessing to piano roll and change notes in a midi file?


You might want to start just googling since you seem to have tons of questions (in many other posts too). I used google for this one and many other questions.

There’s a link to the manual from the module context menu

and you can search with “let me google that for you”!

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the manual say me:

“You can have up to 25 named songs in a module, and there’s a CV input to switch between them: you can supply a voltage to choose which song to play (using notes C3-C5) or you can trigger the next song, or a random song. Right-click the panel to set which option you want to use”

I tried to trigger a CV with MIDI CV>C OCT but it doesn’t work !

Can you help me?

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Show your patch?

What is C OCT?

If you want to switch songs, did you put something into the Song input, and play a note into it in the range C3-C5?


notes in this range from:


-External midi keyboard ?


Ah ok! input songs is input MIDI to receive notes in this range from other virtual keyboard or from external midi keyboard.It is that?

Doesn’t have to be MIDI, doesn’t have to be external. The note CV can be from anywhere, even another module, like a sequencer.

its a premium module it cost a bunch of bucks.

you could connect entrain melody to the Timeline to switch songs or any other sequencer with cv notes or midi to cv module (with a keyboard)

Ok.It works by playing this range of notes from external midi keyboard

I use MIDI CV where is plugged external midi keyboard as device and i link V OCT from MIDI CV to Songs in Entrian

Not expensive at all for what you get. But that’s just my opinion.

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