How to change mouse cursor?

Hi people :slight_smile: How are you? Hope all is ok.

Is there a way in Rack/draw process to switch the mouse icon? In windows, for example, I’m often using IDC_SIZENS or IDC_HAND modes, while hovering different stuff.

Any native way to do this in Rack? (cross-browser would be nice, since I’ll release stuff on each target platform).

Thanks again, as usual!

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Wouldn’t it be better to have this standardised in Rack, like hand cursor for draggable stuff, pencil for free drawing of waveshapes and so on (if there is really the need for it)? I do not want to take away anyone the freedom to design surfaces the way they want, but IMO it makes sense to unify such things/behaviors.

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If you have a feature request for Rack, you need to open a GitHub issue with your proposal.

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but please do so, it’s a great idea.

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Thanks, pretty straightforward. I’ve done this way, if someone else need:

void onHover(const event::Hover& e) override {

	if (cursorBounded) {
		GLFWcursor *cursor;

		if (showHand) {
			cursor = glfwCreateStandardCursor(GLFW_HAND_CURSOR);
		} else if (showVResize) {
			cursor = glfwCreateStandardCursor(GLFW_VRESIZE_CURSOR);

		glfwSetCursor(APP->window->win, cursor);
	} else {
		glfwSetCursor(APP->window->win, NULL);
void onLeave(const event::Leave& e) override {

	glfwSetCursor(APP->window->win, NULL);
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Why not use onEnter?

Because while “hovering” the plot, cursor will change according to what I’m hovering (point, lines, etc). So I need constantly to check what I’m hovering, and change the mouse icon accordly.