How to adjust stereo panning modulation?

I’m sending a CV to a mixer channel to control stereo panning of a track with a sine wave from an LFO, it always goes from 100% L to 100% R, is there any way to set the sweep range and centre pos? Ideally I only need about 50% pan.

Either an attenuverter or use an LFO like the Bogaudio one with scale and offset.


Centered, only Fundamental:

  • Slap a VCA between the LFO and panning output. It will pan around center.


  • Note that the Octave module produces constant output levels based on the selected octave.
  • Also note that mixers are simply multiply+adders (they multiply input by volume, then sum post-fader inputs.)
  • You can then bias the panner by adding a little bit of input from an Octave and mixing them with the fundamental mixer. Send the mixer output to the panner.

This is of course the easier option :smile:

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Thanks both - sorted :slight_smile: BogAudio LFO is perfect for this - set offset to +100% and scale to about 50%, it limits stereo panning to +/- 50%, the cf mono (& stereo) mixer units have the added bling of animated knobs which is great to visualise what’s happening.

if you use a nysthi::4mix (8mix 16mix) you can control with a VCA the panning, and with the pan control the bias too

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