How often to ask for new v1 builds?

I submitted my 1.0 plugins early, mainly to get a start and test out the process. The recent Port changes have “broken” them, so will fix ASAP. The question is - when is it best to ask for a re-build? Every change in my code is more work for the team.

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What does “ask for new v1 builds” mean? Who is asking for them?

The Rack v1 ABI is not stable. If you build against a Rack commit, it is only guaranteed to work for that commit.

I think he means „how often request plugin updates to the v1 library“ and refers to the recent removed attribute active of Port, which was marked as unstable API but used by plugins nevertheless.

Haha, sorry, I still can’t parse this sentence.

This is what unstable means. If you don’t want this to happen, use only stable API. I even gave an automated way to fix this in Phase 2.7 of

Just resubmit your changes to the library repo right away. My goal is to have the integrated plugins be working and I will keep track of breakage via the project board.

And to be clear: the only builds happening right now are my test builds. Andrew’s official build system is not building anything yet. BUT I am building on all 3 platforms.


Sorry for the poorly worded post. @cschol is correct. I was not complaining about my build getting broken, I was trying to ask "after I fix it, would it be rude to ask for a nother build. And it seems the answer is “go for it”.

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Ah yes, send updates whenever. No version “bump” is required until I begin making builds for the v1 Plugin Manager.

Thanks, that info is useful! Any rough estimate when making builds of plugins for v1 will start?

Probably June 12 or so.

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I seem to remember your windows builds are crossed from linux, but how are you managing the mac ones?

I have a Mac, but I built the osxcross toolchain myself a while ago and run it on Ubuntu 18.04. Good enough to flush out issues.

This still an working environment to cross compile for all OS in Linux 18.04?