How do you decide where to start?

For now, I have two free hours.

I can’t decide if I should fire up VCV and throw some midi to my Digitone or open up Bitwig and start some Poly Grid… or should I do some Reaktor 6 instead or test the Cherry Audio modular or just jam along with the micro freak… or just make a beat in Ableton or renoise… you fox gonna be like “oh what is it you wanna do” and the answer is “everything”… this is a REAL issue for me, anyone who struggle with this too and know the answer how do you manage it? Get rid of daws and stuff is one way right? And whatever I pick I know I will think I should have picked the other…

I think all options are equally fun…

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I’ll go ahead and decide for you. VCV Rack, 118 BPM, must include a sound element that sounds like ping pong balls dropping on a hard floor, and you must use Computerscare Laundry Soup


Thanks mate, actually I ended up firing up VCV and the Neutrinode sequencer - I think Ill send the four balls to the four tracks of the Digitone… Haven’t tested Laundry Soup yet, will do! 118 BPM sounds dope, also ping pong since I was doing that at work to day, table tennis. thanks…

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I instinctively revert to VCV for my first choice. I used to use renoise exclusively but never open it now, I just record VCV into Reaper. I think it can be good though to revisit things, I’ve been meaning to with renoise and I’m hoping my experience with modular will lead to some interesting results…I’m sure I’ll be using probability and modulation a lot more.

Generally though, unless you know the other software inside out, I would stick to one thing (or one set up) and master it. If it doesn’t give you what you want then try something else. There’s endless gear but unless you are fluent with it then it’s not much help most of the time.

Don’t sit on the computerscare modules, they are some of the best you can get.


crazy I wasn’t subscribing his modules, now I do! Ill check em out. Yeah great advices…

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