How do I use a gate send from VCV to gate an adsr envelope in PD?

I am trying to make some Pure Data patches for VCV Rack.

I feel pretty comfortable with PD, I have been working with PD for the last many years.

I got a simple PD patch working using a trigger based envelope, sending a gate signal from VCV to Pd/Prototype and in PD set the trigger when the gate signal is above 0. That works.

But when I try to use an adsr envelope in PD it does not work. The adsr envelope works fine internally in PD, but not when receiving a gate from VCV. Not sure what I need to do here.

Here is a VCV test patch: Pd.vcv (14.8 KB)

Here is the PD patch(Sorry for the link, it’s not possible to post PD patches in here, so I have to use external Wetransfer link):

I am not sure how to troubleshoot this, since I do not know anyway to see what’s going on inside libpd, what is being received and what not.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Ahh Fixed it.

I forgot there was a multiplexer~ buried somewhere in the patch.

I removed it and now it works fine :slight_smile: