Host : No plugins available in the dropdown menu ?

Getting started wiht Host. When I click on [No plugins] there are no plugins. You can only add a directory? Are there no default installed VST?



I’m not an expert on Host, but yes, there aren’t any installed by default. You can add multiple directories though.

Where can I find the plugins? It looking very simple on Youtube… Until no I don’t find any plugin?

are you talking about VCV Rack plugins

or VST plugins ?

edited : perhaps you can find it interesting

edited 2 : or are you asking how to load your vst plugins? if is it on windowws most of plugging are on Program files/Steinberg (or something like that, I m not windows user at the moment) on linux usually in .vst


I mean the VST plugins for Host.

from the host manual

Selecting and displaying a VST plugin

Click the plugin name label (initially displaying “No plugin”) to open the list of installed VST plugins on your system. When a plugin is loaded, its editor GUI window will be shown. If closed, it can be reopened by clicking the “eye” icon next to the plugin name.

do you have VSTs installed in your system?

install some

there are two host, one for the VST instrument and other for the VST effects

Host just hosts any VST plugins you may have, it doesn’t install any VST plugins

it needs to be 64bit IIRC, but can be vst2 or vst3

If you don’t have any yet, and are looking for some very nice Free Vsts to use in VCV host (and in other softwares too), I could provide you with a tiny list of the ones I like most :smile:

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I don’t mean to highjack the thread but I am interested in what VSTs people find most useful to use with VCV. I love Dexed and Pigments on their own, for example, but I don’t end up using them in VCV.

That’s indeed an interesting topic, you could Up the thread David mentioned and speak about it there :slight_smile:

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