Host FX and airwindows problem

Hello, I don’t know where the problem is if on the Host plugin side or in Airwindows VST plugins. I liked them a few, but in HostFX they don’t even show me a simple gui so I can’t map parameters. It can be circumvented somehow. And yes I have RackWindows installed :slight_smile: Thanks.

The problem is in the VCV Host module, it doesn’t implement a generic GUI for VST plugins that don’t provide their own custom GUI. Plugins like that are so rare these days, that it isn’t really that surprising Host hasn’t implemented it. (The AirWindows plugins are of course a notable exception. There’s also the classic MDA plugins set, that doesn’t have custom GUIs.)

awhile back i made an official request for a generic GUI on the rack github just for this exact purpose.

you can map the params to 8vert.

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thanks for info

Last time I made a VST I didn’t put a GUI in it. Of course, that was back in 2006 or something. Back then every VST host I ever saw could put up a generic GUI.

one way around this is to use a vst wrapper inside host fx - such as bluecat’s patchwork, mux modular or contra (free), or element. those last 2 are free (VST Wrapper - Page 1 of 1) - haven’t tried them yet. i have patchwork and mux and can vouch for those providing a generic interface for gui-less vsts… if you try out those free ones i mentioned, i’d love to hear back on if they work okay in host fx or not.

man there are so many great gui-less free vsts out there. using a wrapper is not an ideal solution for this problem so hopefully the developer can fix the issue inside host fx.


hello, I completely forgot about VST wrapers :). Because I’m a Linux user using nanohost over wine is quite a big caliber like a cannon on a sparrow. I tried over CarlaFX Rack wrapper and it works.This solution is not a cannon but RPG :slight_smile: