Hora Spectral Processor Levels

Hey all, is anyone else get insane voltages out of Hora SP-1? I’m getting levels that are approx in the 40-digit range at the outputs. all up to date with VCV Rack and Hora and running on windows 10…

Hi @GLD, and welcome to the forum!

I just gave it a quick try (also up-to-date, also Win10) and it seemed well-behaved on my end, even at high Q settings. What are you driving it with? Any chance that the out-of-scale values are happening upstream?

Anyway, I’m happy to try to repro–if you post a patch or a screenshot I’ll give that a shot sometime today.

I did a quick uninstall earlier etc. And that seemed to solve it. I’ll try it again but touch wood it seems to better now.

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Cool! If it rears its head again, don’t hesitate to post back :slight_smile: