Hora PCM Drum samples mislabelled?

i just purchased the Hora PCM Drums and while i do like the lofi sounds they can produce there seems to be a lot of mislabelled samples. i searched and didnt find any discussions about it. im on a newer macbookpro/mojave.

for instance, on the Drumulator module the Toms are actually HiHats and the ‘SnappyClap’ is a cymbal. ‘Kick_SP12’ sounds like a cowbell or maybe a rimshot when tuned up. ‘Crash_SP12’ sounds like a clap. im experiencing this with many of the other modules like the LINN drum module the snare bank is all cymbals.

anyone know what the deal is?

I can not reproduce this on the Windows plugin version.

What you describe sounds like a “bug” on the Mac plugin version, if you describe your exact type of macbook & os version maybe someone with the same model and that has the PCM Drums plugin can confirm this “bug”.

Best thing to do is report it to Hora Music, check with @Raph
Or visit the library on vcvrack.com to find the developer preferred method of contact.

I have exactly the same problem on a Mac Pro running High Sierra.

Let’s talk the the developers.



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MacOs here too and I have the same

On Ubuntu 20.4, the samples listed above sound correct. I hope this is of some help while tracking down any bugs

i have notified the dev and sent him a link to this thread.

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Thank you very much!

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I reported this a while ago, and it looked like it was a mac specific issue.

it does appear to be mac specific. lucky us! hopefully it will be worked out since this is a paid plugin.

how long ago did you report this?

October 2019

This issue is now completely fixed in V2 :slight_smile:

Thanks Raph!