Honeycomb (VCV Rack)

Vult’s Rescomb filter and Trummor2 make this patch (imho).

I need to improve my beats. EDM, HipHop and Rap are not my generation’s music but over the years they have seeped into my brain to the point where a standard kick on 1 and 3 with snare on 2 and 4 can sometimes sound a little dull. So I keep trying :grinning:

I take inspiration from Richard Devine’s Harmonic Symmetry which, if you haven’t already heard it, is here:

EDM, House et al was not part of my music collection either, but I got totally hypnotized by Aphex Twin’s live show a few days ago. If you want true inspiration:

Please never post this kind of video again.It caused me to insanely increase the volume lvl on my receiver.That also induced me to heighten the presence of my sub-woofers! (somewhere round 1:25:00) You will be hearing from my neighbors, sir!

       Sometimes music needs to be Felt to be Appreciated

After an hour plus of that, my headphones exploded!