Holidays on Kuiper Belt

Hello Rackerz.

Today’s piece of broadcasting from the farthest land of the known by mankind. Who knows maybe in the future you will be able to spend your holidays on Ultima Thule. But to dream it is always worth it. I hope that humanity will finally stop destroying our planet and start protecting it for future generations, then it will be possible to fly there. BTW I must thanks to Omri Cohen for last tutorial movie there is a tons of inspirations and tricks. Thanks to Blamsoft for freeing XFX Wave modules - i dreamed about this one for a few months. Thanks to Don Turnock for marvelous STS Odyssey. I suspect that I will spend many hours on this module to learn about its capabilities.

Here you can download my .vcv files.

Holidays on Kuiper Belt - final.vcv (74.0 KB)
Holidays on Kuiper Belt - start.vcv (73.6 KB)