hive mind - looking for a simple switch... or something

To (manually) test my Harmony module, I need a way of generating one voltage that can then be switched to a different voltage.

Since I usually use 8-vert to generate voltages, I was thinking some simple switch that would let me select one of two outputs from 8-vert would do the job. May be a better/easier way.

fwiw I tend to use a lot of VCV, Bogaudio, and Submarine modules for other tests…

ADDR-SEQ makes the most sense, it switches with in coming clock or trigger and can send any voltage you want.

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Oh, interesting. Use the “select” knob to pick which one I want? I assume this is a stepped control? The fact that you can move the knob in between makes me worry it’s going to blend two adjacent steps, but probably that’s just an optical illusion?

I enjoy using this as a simple switch. Set to latch mode.


No blending just stepping. Cool little sequencer.

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And, ADDR-SEQ is switchable via CV addressing.

This might be overkill, but should be quite flexible:

tx! Of course your plugins are also in my small group of “goto” test plugins.

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Bsl1r - small factor version of Baseliner from noobhour. A 2 way switch with optional latch, probability, voltage source/offset and attenuation on both sides in 2hp. Gotta like it.

Stepping through fixed voltages sounds like (addressable) gate/cv/phasor driven sequencer/switch work. Many options there.

If that does not fit the usecase, Mindmeld Shapemaster, the amazing multitool, can be used for almost any desired mapping/stepping challenge (stepped or continous).

VCV Library - MindMeld ShapeMaster (

But to go beyond the single voltage mapping/stepping usecase…

For testing puposes it might also be usefull to create some presets and step through them to test similar scenarios accross various modes of operation (if applicable)?

Maybe checkout docB Preset sequencer for that?

VCV Library - docB Preset (

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