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Hi everyone … another beginner’s question:

How do I select only high tones from the random S&H sequence (I would like to determine the limit, so maybe I don’t want it to be value 0), and leave the low tones in silence … would the comparator help me in this case for example?


A comparator would work, sure. If you only want pitches higher than 2V for example, use a comparator to generate a gate when the pitch is higher than 2V. This gate should be used to trigger your synth voice.


ahaaaa, so I work here only with gates … I’m going to try it … thanx!

There’s another way you can do this. Well, 2 ways… You can use an attenuverter to select the range you want together with the offset control (the one from Befaco should be more than enough) so you offset the voltage to be equivalent to the higher notes you want, and also attenuate it so it’s not going below or above a certain range. You can also use Fence from Orange Line to set exactly the range you want, it’s super easy.


Yeah, i double the vote on Fence as well. Fence is polyphonic too, so you could ‘fence’ chords as well!

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Hi Omri …

…but that doesn’t mean the other tones won’t sound … or?

Orange line is great, I forgot about it :slight_smile:

… I would like to select (for example from the scale C1 to C2) only from G to H, so that they continue to sound according to S&H and the other tones I want do not sound at all.

… but of course I want to use the other tons for another way to another VCO …

Well, if you want specific notes then a quantizer is your friend and together with the attenuverter or Fence, you can set the specific range or register of those notes. So, for example, if you want only G to H, you enter them on the quantizer, and with the attenuverter you set the register you want. For the other voices you will need to use a different quantizer so you will get different notes.

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as I understand it, the gates will continue to sound, but in higher tones … so I should use another S&H and Quantiser for the lower tones as well …

but … can the tones of one S&H be split so that lower tones are redirected to one VCO and higher tones to another VCO? … I think with a compator I could divide the gates from S&H by the amount of tons … I’ll try it, but I still don’t know how :flushed:

… so far I can’t divide the random tons of one S&H so that the low tons go to one VCO and high to the other VCO … but I still think that the comparator is what I have to operate with …

You could use https://library.vcvrack.com/ImpromptuModular/Part-Gate-Split

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… wow … looks exactly as designed for this matter … going to try …

already succeeded … thanx for ideas …

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