Help with setting up dev in windows

Hi, I want to develop vrack modules but am a bit lost with setting up the development environment. I am running windows 10 and have vcv rack installed and downloaded the sdk. Can someone walk me through the process? Thanks!

What is the step you are having trouble with at

Is msys2 the dev environment?

It is the environment you can build the code in. It’s basically a Unixy replacement for the Windows command line tools. If you want to use an IDE for editing the code, debugging etc, you will have to set up something suitable from the existing offerings. (I have had some success using Visual Studio Code. You will need msys2 in addition to that, of course. Visual Studio Code doesn’t itself have the build tools.)

MSYS2 is one of the tools you use to build Rack plugins, yes.

So before getting fancy, follow the directions exactly. Install msys2 (correctly). Use pacman as specified to install extra packages. It will work. Then later you can get fancy and use something besides msys2. I’ve been using msys2 for the last two years. It’s just fine.