Help with modules

I need help with the modules I am trying to find those modules as shown in the image, whether they are clones or something similar to the ones in the image…

4ms power


Make Noise Maths - Befaco Rampage

MI Braids - Audible Instruments Macro Oscillator

MI Peaks

Malekko Richter Dual Borg Filter


Intellijel Metropolis/Metropolix (sequencer)

Verbos Complex Oscillator

System80 Jove (Filter)

Unknown mixer


Now are you trying to find the hardware or VCV equivalents? Just listed the ones that have obviously close equivalents.


You forgot Faded Beatles shirt. That could make ALL the difference :slight_smile:

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And the AC unit

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& the out of shot toilet / kitchen roll.

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and I can find those in the vcv rack or something similar to be able to add them…

yes, maybe not 100% exact but you can get close.

but which ones are close to the ones in the image? I’m just looking for information about modules…

I said about three of them which have equivalents, will leave it to others who know the hardware modules better than me which are good matches. In many cases you won’t get a 1:1 equivalent but you can patch a few modules together for something similar.