Help With BogAudio Arpeggiator?

I’m sending it polyphonic gate and pitch signals, as the instructions say, but I’m only getting one note out of the pitch out. I tried instead sending the (steady) polyphonic pitch signal into a VCA controlled by the polyphonic gates, so that the arpeggiator would receive articulated notes, but that setup failed as well. Thanks for your help!

You need to set the option in the context menu so that it says “use new notes->immediately”.

Try this one and see if it does what you want ?

Andimoffittest - 11032022.vcv (1.8 KB)

a typical arpeggiator does take poly in and output mono. That’s what apreggiation is. Most/many also have a poly output options so that the notes don’t chop off if they have long releases.