Help needed using Launch Control as midi device in VCV

I have a novation launch control that I’m trying to use as a midi controller with VCV. I’m not sure if VCV recognizes it because while I do have the option to set it as my device on both the stoermelder midi-cat and the vcv midi mapping modules, it does just says “mapping…” and does not respond to any button or knob inputs on the launch control.

The novation editor app keeps saying I’m running windows 8 even though I’m using 10 and keeps crashing on me constantly.I’m not sure how to make this work. I want to use the launch control to control the levels and mutes of my VCV mixer

That’s strange. Are there midi events coming from it through any of those modules? You should see some movement on a scope of you connect the gate from the VCV Midi-CV module.

Not sure about the editor issue though.

have you installed all the latest updates for the novation editor app?

first I would try to get the launch control to work properly in Win10

and then you can try to get it working in VCV.