[HELP NEEDED] - Oddly working patch

Hello community! I have this patch that behave in a way I don’t understand and not how I want, so I am asking to more expert rackheadz if someone can help me fixing the problem.

MODULES USED Lala MSCHack Dronez MSCHack Alienz MSCHack Windz Terrorform Dadr DISSONANTVERB 2FBE OCT

If you load the patch you will hear a crackling noise from channel 1 that is fading in and fading out. After the first time you hear the noise, the level of CH1 on the scope freeze into place and it is impossible to hear that crackling noise again.

Why the audio freeze in that place being totally impossible to be heard again?

Thanks in advance for any help given!

wind_hollow_long_chirp.vcv (31.9 KB)

I tried your patch, imho you found a bug in the Lala filter, it gives out -11.7 V and that output stays the same no matter how you dial in the frequency or the resonance,
then I think the mixmaster shut the channel due to overload, you see a red dot in the cable.

So if you load a new LaLa and choose some different settings the sound comes back again.


Thank you very much! :wink: I have tried to play a bit with the Lala controls and now the patch is working! I hope this will be useful for Studio Six Plus One!

Here it is the working patch.

wind_hollow_long_chirp_lala_ok.vcv (31.9 KB)

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