HELP! MIDI chords not playing

Hi there. I’m trying to use my VCV rack to build a synthesizer so that I can use it as a keyboard. I have my MIDI in from my physical keyboard, and everything seems to be working fine EXCEPT polyphony just simply will not work. I can play single notes on my keyboard, but if I play two n

otes or more VCV just chooses the first one I played and returns that one single note. How do I get VCV to accept chords from my keyboard?

You need to select the number of polyphonic channels in the context menu of the MIDI-CV module. Cables are drawn thicker when polyphonic signals are used.


by default all the modules are monophonic. to use polyphony, press right mouse button on the MIDI-CV module, and in the sub-menu “Polyphony channels” select the number maxim channels, now you can see the wires changes, wherever you connect a thick wire it will become polyphonic (not all the inputs and modules are polyphonic ), the “polyphony mode” could be relevant depending of the behavior that you expect in the polyphony

Omri have a tutorial of course

I checked the poly settings to 4 and it still only plays the same note! im using saich

The virtual Instruō modules are monophonic, as their physical relatives, per choice of their creator.

Quote: “… This reason is also why I don’t use any of the polyphonic patching capabilities of VCV rack in any of the Instruō plugins. (…) Jason”

Polyphonic MIDI issues - help! - #31 by Jens.Peter.Nielsen

It should be obvious if the cable coming out of the VCO is polyphonic or not? I would expect in this situation that the CV input would be poly, and the outputs would all be mono? (fwiw, it’s pretty odd to intentionally make a mono VCO in this day and age, but whatever floats your boat!).

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Perhaps he’s just lazy, and doesn’t want to rewrite the manual for the physical version - or did you read what Jason wrote in the post i linked?:ïch-Manual.pdf

I wonder if that befaco mixer is mono and it’s taking just first channel instead of summing all inputs. Also the midi-cv module is showing mono outputs, like the polyphony hasn’t been set

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I was going to say “of course I didn’t read it, why should I?”. But, reading it, I see I have read it. I don’t really understand his reasoning for making it mono. It’s really only one throw-way sentence at the end, right?

Well, if people like it, that’s great.