Heads up: Audio 16 FROM DEVICE 13&14 flipped

I found this when using my ES-9, using ASIO in Win 10. I had CV coming in through physical jack 14.

Works fine in Rack 1, where the signal is available in Audio 16 FROM DEVICE jack 14.

In Rack 2, the signal is in Audio 16 jack 13, not 14. If I use two Audio 8s, one for 1-8 and another for 9-16, the signal is in jack 6 of the second Audio 8, as expected. I checked sending through physical jack 13, and it turns up at Audio 16 jack 14. The jacks 1-12 look fine.

Issue reported.

15 & 16 are flipped too. Andrew has fixed it, should be in the next update.