Having up to 64 channels with Reaper and ReaRoute

I uploaded a while ago a video about sending signals from/to VCV to/from Reaper with ReaRoute (Windows only), and I mentioned that it’s limited to 16 channels. Well, with some help from this beautiful community, I realized it’s possible to send up to 64 channels :slight_smile: I updated the description of the video with a link to a short video on how to do that. Maybe it will help some of you - https://youtu.be/8n22GYhPxS8


thank you Omri !!!

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It is great Omri , but , do you know you can install a Dual boot System (windows and Linux) and have on Linux over 64 channels (only limited by the computer capacity) and run an unlimited numbers of DAWs and plugging (connected them as you wish) beside the VCV rack and your hardware?

do you not feel curious?

just saying

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Only if your hardware is compatible with Linux.

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I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Omri does know this already, and furthermore I suspect he is happy with whatever OS he is using atm?